Expert for 20 years in digital marketing for the hospitality sector,

MMCréation is launching a new innovative solution of push marketing which allows independent hotels to showcase on their Web sites the most relevant information to the right visitor.

This solution is a real accelerator of the performances of the hotel Web sites. The hotel industry just like the e-commerce giant owe to integrate into their strategy customization and better targeting .


Main features


Enrich the content of your web site very easily and autonomously:

Intuitive editor of custom messages
Several dozen preconfigured scenarios
Choice of the display mode: popin, floating, notification
Possibility to integrate forms
Integrates with any type of existing site


Targeting messages according to the profile and behaviour of the visitor:

Multi criteria targeting
Geographic targeting/1st visit - has already come/from referring site
Advanced setting of the trigger and of the display pages
Choice of the period and the display days
Multilingual management


Measure the performance of your content, your offers and better know the visitors of your site:

Performance monitoring tables 
Device for A/B testing of messages
Feedback and call-back forms


Website Area

H.Marketing Push, easy to install and 100% customizable


  Installs in just a few minutes

  Automatic integration of the Design of your site

  Graphic customization without limit

  Choice of the display location

Administration Interface Area 

H.Marketing Push, a back office for an autonomous and intuitive management of your marketing scenarios


  Intuitive processing after a simple training of 1h

  Easy management of messages and targeting

  Advanced setting of the trigger and of the display periods

  Monitoring of the results is child play

With H.Push Marketing, hoteliers can finally adapt their e-marketing strategy according to the development of their needs.


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